How to protect your home against flooding?

protect your home against floodingFlooding is the most common natural phenomenon in the world. Between 2001 and 2010, flooding has caused more than $3 billion in losses, as per a survey is conducted by the National Flood Insurance Program. It is a pool sponsored by the government and provides flood insurance to the owners of the houses. The best measure to reduce flood damage is to take adequate precautions.

Take these following five measures to protect the home from water damage, before the beginning of rainy season or spring.

Fix Leaks

Regardless of drywall and plaster, no ceiling is fully protected against water. Leak and crack in roofs allow the water to get inside the home. It causes the weakening of structure and provides a habitat for germs. As soon as the wet spots or cracks on the ceilings are noticed, fix them with immediate action. Make sure that the material is dry enough to repair.

Spring for extra roof protection

While replacing the roof, install a rubber roof underlayment for extra protection. To get this protection, the clients need to spend a few hundred dollars more. It protects the roof from water intrusion. It is a water resistant barrier for roofs. It helps to fight against the leakage in the rainy season.

A battery-powered sump pump

A sump pump can be an excellent defence against the flooding. Sump pumps help to pump out the water of the home. Battery-powered sump pumps are inexpensive and relatively affordable, costing about $150 to $400.

If the electricity goes out, the battery backup pump will automatically start to pump the water out. It can easily be installed in 2 to 4 hours. An electric charger keeps the battery pump fully charged that makes it ready to use at any time.

Catalogue possessions

For home inventory insurance, use a digital camera or camcorder. Digital cameras are inexpensive and start at about $100. Traditional video cameras are often bulky to carry and they may get damaged in a flooded home.

Store the video files on a small USB drive, keep it in a bag and for safe keeping send it to a friend or relative. The alternative way is to store on an online backup system like or It offers a small amount of space to store files. For free or a larger data storehouse, the clients have to spend $40-$60 per year.


Install French Drains

French drains are used to prevent surface water from penetrating or damaging buildings. It can be installed in two different ways. Firstly, bury around the foundation wall on the external side. Secondly, install underneath the basement floor. This can be installed very quickly within one or two days. An interior French drain is much less likely to clog than an exterior one.

Thus, floods are a common challenge that most of the homeowners have to face at some point of time. So, to stop or to reduce flood damage, the homeowners should keep the home in good repair, move valuables away from home and create a good drainage system. Follow the above mentioned measures in order to keep the house safe and dry even in the rainy season.

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